Information for North Carolinian Judges

Thank you, NC3C judges, for volunteering to judge our contest entries again this year. We can't say enough how much we appreciate your efforts.

    • Our judging platform is at
    • Judges will receive an email with instructions about how to log in, soon after the list of judges' names and emails has been uploaded. 
    • If you don't have a password, or if you've forgotten a password from a previous year, use the Reset Password link on the login page. 
    • Once logged in, you can visit the "Judge Entries" link in the main navigation to see a list of entries for the category or categories you’ve been assigned. 
    • Take the time to provide a little detail in the General Comments field at the bottom of the form, both encouraging and helpfully critical, to help our communicators understand what they are doing well and what they might do improve. If you have specific comments about a particular scoring section, we appreciate those as well, though they are optional. 
    • In particular: Please make a comment if you give a score that is unusually high or low.
    • You can nominate one entry for “Best of Show.” This step is optional - nominate an entry only if you think it really stands out as deserving consideration for the honor. Nominate only one per category, please. It's OK not to nominate any entries for Best of Show. (The entrants would love to get your nomination, of course!)

Many of the people who enter our contest consider the judges' comments to be the most valuable reason to enter! It's really that important a part of our contest. Thanks for helping keep it that way.

If you're curious, you can check out our Contest Rules.

Thanks again. If you have any questions, contact

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