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Workshop Resources

February 2017 Plain Language Workshop
Plain Language, grammar and tie poes workshop slides.
Brian Lieb's writing style guide.

April 2017 Mobile Video with Puke Rainbows Workshop
DIY Video vs Hiring A Professional
4 Mistakes to Avoid While Shooting Smartphone Video

August 2017 Northern Lights Best of Show Workshop
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Website Redesign
Metro Transit - A Line Launch
MNDot - Highway 169 Improvement Project Interactive Map
City of Edina - Public Art Profiles Slapshot
City of Bloomington - #RunningManChallenge

Pocket Program Resources

New in 2017, MAGC is offering its support to member gatherings. If you are planning a workshop, seminar or webinar related to government communications, let us support you with publicity and other resources.

Write to discuss the possibilities!


Northern Lights Resources

See the Northern Lights section for information.


Fall Conference Resources

2018 Fall Conference "Storytelling Essentials" Resources

Crisis Management: Being our best during your company’s worst days
30 Ideas in 30 Minutes: Telling Stories that Stick
Website Accessibility for Government & Non-profits
Using Plain Language to Connect with Your Audience
Tips for Creating Shorter Video Content
8 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019
Put Your Story on the Map, Literally