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Duplicate Trophy Order Form

Use this form to order a duplicate trophy from the Northern Lights 2018 contest. 

Orders will be accepted through Friday, June 8, 2018.

Sticker shock? We don't mark up the prices or try to make a profit, but even so, duplicate trophies tend to be costly because (a) the trophies aren't cheap to start with, (b) prices go up further because we are placing such a small re-order, and (c) we include the cost of mailing them to you.

Need several duplicates? If you're looking for duplicates from multiple different categories, fill out this form once for each category you'd like duplicated. Example: if you won an award for a brochure and an award for a video, you'll have to fill out this form twice in order to get duplicates of both.

If you have any questions, please contact

1000 of 1000 characters remaining
I am ordering one or more copies of this trophy as indicated by my selections above. I acknowledge that each copy will cost me or my organization the amount noted above and I will arrange for payment of those costs. Please invoice me for the full cost (cost per copy x number of copies requested).